Parish Hall Capital Campaign

Phase 1 of the Capital Campaign
Phase 1 of the Capital Campaign will begin October 3. This includes the renovation of the Battin Room, the Music Room, the adjacent hallways. This area will receive new floor and ceilings, air conditioning, energy efficient windows and new closets or doors where needed. Also, the archives room and the Nicole Marie room will receive new windows and air conditioning.
Click here for a link to the recent Capital Campaign Enews.

The Nicole Marie Room under renovation in preparation for the Education Wing rehab. The Nicole Marie Room is one of our most heavily used, with 5 weekly recovery groups (AA/NA), Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts & Sunday School. Each group gets a storage closet. This fall, the room will recieve new windows and air conditioning.



Paul Costello, Capital Campaign Chair,  explains the next phase of Parish Hall renovations, costing $220,000, scheduled to begin September,  2016. As of August, 2016, about $580,000 has been pledged in the 5-year, 3 phase campaign.