Meet our Vestry

In the Episcopal Church, the Vestry is the governing board for the parish. Its members are elected to three year terms at our Annual Meeting, held the first Sunday in February. The Rector is the presiding officer of a Vestry, with support from two Wardens: the Rector’s Warden supports the rector and leads the parish in-between Rector’s and the Vestry Warden supports the Vestry and looks after the Property. The Vestry provides support, with the Rector, of parish employees, fulfillment of the parish’s mission, stewardship, and care of property. Each Vestry member is responsible for an area of parish life.

Burt Blackburn (Treasurer): I have been a member of Saint John’s for over 19 years.  I have served on Vestry a number of terms; I have been Vestry Warden, Rector’s Warden and currently I am the treasurer for the church.  Additionally, I have been involved with Saint John’s Mission and Outreach committee and our Guatemalan Companion Parish.

Bill Calhoun: I am a life-long Episcopalian and have been a member of St John’s for 38 years.  I have served on the vestry several times and believe that St. John’s is a part of my extended family.

Diane Carlin: My husband, John, and I have been St. John’s members for the last 5 years. I have the pleasure of officially introducing New Members to St. John’s. John and I attend the 800 a.m. service where I am both a Reader and a Greeter.

Steve Carmichael: My family joined St. John’s in April 2007 and have loved being a part of this church since then.  I grew up in the area and was involved in St. John’s as a youth, but not as a member.  I joined the Vestry four years ago and love to work hard to make this church a vibrant community church.

Peggy Long (Recorder)

Mary Pat Lynam: My husband, John, and I have been at St. John’s for twenty years. Our children, Maggie and Colin, grew up in the church and now grandchild, Natalie, is doing the same. My interests are in outreach and connecting with others through the women’s group WSFGs and Literary Society at St. John’s.

John Pachkowski: I have been at St. John’s since 1987. This is my second time serving on the Vestry. Besides being on the Vestry, I help coordinate the 11:00 am service, various other services such the Good Friday liturgy and the 7:30 and 10:30 pm Christmas Eve service.

Martha Pearlman (Rector’s Warden): I have been a member of St. Johns for almost 30 years.  I live in Thornton with my husband, Paul, and we are both now retired.  I currently serve as Rector’s Warden and also help Margie Hatcher with Sunday School.

Marshall Pearson: I am originally from Memphis, TN. I practice law in Exton and live in an old schoolhouse in Downingtown with my partner, Tommy, and dog, George. I love the family at St. John’s and have been a member for about 5 years.

Ted Stipa (Vestry Warden):  My name is Ted Stipa, married to Barbara (my wife of 51 years). In addition to serving as your Vestry  Warden, I’m also on the property gang and help out as needed around St. John’s. We attend the 11:00 am service.

Jimmy Yoch: My wife, Danielle, and I have three wonderful children.  Our family has been a part of Saint John’s congregation since 2013.  I am an attorney in Wilmington, Delaware.