Vestry & Lay Leadership

In the Episcopal Church, the Vestry, or governing board, is made up of volunteers.  Their position is voted on at the Annual Meeting by the congregation.  The Vestry provides support, with the Rector, of the church employees, fulfillment of the church’s mission, stewardship and care of property.

Church Phone: 610-459-2994


Rector’s Warden: Martha Pearlman

Vestry Warden:

Treasurer: Burt Blackburn

New Members: Diane Carlin

Building & Grounds: Steve Carmichael

Vestry Clerk & Administration: Peggy Long

Administration: Mary Pat Lynam

Audit: Marshall Pearson

Next Chapter Captial Campaign Tea: Ted Stipa

Stewardship Chairman: Tom Williams

Finance: Jimmy Yoch


Altar Guild: Melody Calhoun & Tracey Payne

Fellowship/Hospitality: Grace Raak

Auction: Carol angus, Marti Keenan, Bette-Jo Readinger, Dianna Stone, Betty Lou Darley

Building Committee: Marti Keenan

Building Committee, Capital Campaign: Paul Costello

Cemetery: John Pachkowski, Barry Ersek, Roger Readinger

Altar Flowers: Barbara Stipa

Counters Scheduler: Bill Calhoun

Greeters, 8 am Scheduler: Steve & Peggy Long

Outreach Co-Chairs: But & Kathy Blackburn, John Keenan

Pastoral Care: Amy Borer

Property: Ron Hammer

Quarterly Statements: Dottie Collman

Schedulers 11 & 9:15 am Readers/ E>M>/Chalicists: John Pachkowski & Sherry Stiteler

1702 Society: Gerry Tierney

Summer Tea After Ten: Edie & Jenny O’Neill

Fall/Winter Coffee Hour: Olivia Sheridan & John Horan

Schedule Ladies’ Literary Fellowship meetings: Trish Young