Guatemala Companions


Brother Burt, good afternoon, we send you many greetings from your brothers from San Andres.
I inform him that the vegetables are walking well, the coriander is a plant that is giving a lot of results and has been shared with several families and a few bunches were tried to sell in the municipal market of San Andres, what was achieved $ 5.00 this is how Q35.00 quetzales that can feed a family of 5 people with a mealtime.
I also share that the hens have already started the process of laying eggs, a basket like the one you can see in the photos could be shared, and a production of 20 eggs a week, many women who are almost alone have been located, It is to them that this gift from you is taken, because we only try to manage and take care of it, you are the ones who have initially put a grain but now there are many grains, once again we thank you for your support that they give us to serve our communities.
I will remember that we must cancel the next three months in the rent of the house, please say hello to all our brothers from San Juan, we are praying for you.
His brother
Father Miguel