Parking Lot:

In March, we were able to have two issues with the Driveway/Parking lot repaired. The Driveway by the cemetery was widened to improve the approach to the Parking lot and eliminate an erosion issue and the depression in the Parking Lot was ground out and filled in.  We were able to get an excellent price from the Michael’s Paving and 60% of the costs were covered by monies specifically raised in the Auction last Fall.


We have been working since last Fall to improve the Church Grounds by reclaiming some of the grounds that have been taken over by vines and weeds along the Property Lines.  The first areas that were cleared were around the back of the Cemetery where the last rows of headstones were covered and the area near the Playground next to the Penn Wood II development.  We are working with our new landscapers, Estrada Landscaping, to make sure we maintain these cleared areas and do not let the encroachment reoccur.  This fall, we will focus on the lines alone the back fields.

Working with the Cemetery Committee, this Spring we had the Cemetery Areas treated with a weed and feed fertilizer.  We are planning on over-seeding at least part of the Cemetery Area this Fall.

Darlington White Oak and Church Trees:

Earlier this month, Scott Wade the Longwood Garden Chief “Old Tree” Arborist volunteered to come to the Church to look over our Darlington White Oak and other trees on the Property to recommend what we should do maintain the trees. We are very happy that Scott said that the Darlington White Oak is in excellent condition and it should continue to do well. The Pin Oak at the Driveway by the Flag Pole needs to have dead limbs removed and we need to apply mulch to improve the water retention to keep it healthy.

We do have an issue in the lawn in front of the Parish Hall.  We have 2 Ash Trees there, one by the road as the South End of the Property has been infected by Ash Borers to the point that we will have to have it removed and the other, closer to the Parish Hall, has not been infected yet and can be treated.  We will be getting it treated soon and we will have to retreat it ever other year.