Parish Profile Committee Members

        Carol Angus, Mary Gonzalez, Clifford Holgate, Alexis Nagengast,

          John Pachkowski – Chairman, Gerry Tierney, Garrick Weaver.

Completed Profile Sent to the Diocese

     The Profile Committee has completed the Parish Profile and Portfolio and has sent them on to the Diocese for final proofing. This should only take a few days. St. John’s Episcopal Church, Concord will then be listed as open and receiving names of potential candidates. St. John’s Church will remain open and receiving names for six weeks or longer.

     The Discernment Process now becomes confidential. Only the nine Search Committee members will know who has applied and who is being considered as your new Rector. Not even their spouses will know. Our job is to continue to steep the whole process in prayer.

     Many thanks for the hard work and dedication of all the Parish Profile Committee members.