Music & Choir

Choir in 2016

A 2020 Parish Wide Christmas Project from Jessica Villante, Music Director

     Believe it or not, Christmas is coming!  This year, the prelude music for Christmas Eve services is going to be Christmas Greetings from the members of St. John’s!  Everyone is encouraged to participate in this project.

Here’s what to do:

  • Record a message to St. John’s.  It could be as simple as “Hi, this is Jess!  I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!”.  It could be singing a verse of Jingle Bells.  It could be a brief message on what Christmas means to you.  Anything Holiday themed is fair game!

  • Email it to me at .  Please do so by December 10.

     These recordings will be compiled and played at St. John’s on Christmas Eve.  If you aren’t planning on attending Christmas Eve services, I’ll post them on YouTube and share the link so everyone can listen to the messages!

     If you’re not sure how to record, instructions are on the Facebook page for St. John’s, and will be up on the St. John’s website ASAP. You can also reach out to me for help. I’m looking forward to hearing everyone’s Christmas messages!