Capital Campaign

Parish Hall Renovation Project Update

During this stressful time of “stay at home” and “hunkering down” I hope everyone is well and staying safe. We have lots to be thankful for in this community of St. John’s Church. One of those things is our Capital Campaign to renovate and modernize our Parish Hall. As previously reported, we have completed 90% of the Phase 2 project which included the handicap accessible restrooms, the new nursery and the 1702 Annex. I am happy to report that through the generosity of our parish family, the outstanding bill of a bit over $40,000 has been completely paid for. Our thanks go out to Chris Ryan, our contractor, for working with us to allow us to pay the outstanding bill over a period of time. Chris has truly been a blessing.

Yet to be completed in the over-all project is the dish washing room, painting the upstairs and stairwells (Phase 2) and Phase 3 which includes modifying the front of the building, to make it handicap accessible, and renovating and modernizing the front administrative offices. The estimate for this work has not yet been completed. Undoubtedly it will require substantial more dollars. As that information becomes available, we will keep you updated. Right now, all work is on hold.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have so generously contributed to this campaign. With both big and small donations, approximately 80% of the parish community has made contributions. That is tremendous and greatly appreciated. For 2020 we have about $15,000 in outstanding pledges. For those of you that have outstanding pledges, we ask that you please keep them current. We will be sending out reminders to those with outstanding pledges shortly. We have lots more to do in the parish hall and lots going on with the rectory renovation, search for a new rector, and of course, getting out of this pandemic. With God’s grace we will get there and continue to execute the mission of our church.

Paul Costello,

For the Capital Campaign Committee,

Rocky Bassick, Marti Keenan, Tracey Payne, Paul Pearlman, Ted Stipa