We all know how important a family is in making our lives complete. Our family supports us
when we need it, encourages us to be better and shares our good times and not so good
times because we have a bond. A family is truly one of God’s great gifts to us.
Saint John’s is also a family in many ways. It makes our lives complete by giving us spiritual
nourishment and provides the same kind of support that a family does for you. It is there to
help you begin a marriage, christen your children, raise your children, provide a network of
adults who share your values and are positive role models for your children. The parish offers
many rich programs for men and women, old and young and to our youth. The parish family
can help you cope with sickness and even dying.Most importantly, like a family, Saint John’s is always there for you. But to make that possible,
we need to support Saint John’s just as we provide for our families. As we said last year:
Prayers can work miracles, but they can’t pay bills. The simple version of our secular health is
this: We have an annual budget of $373,000. We balance this budget every year and your
pledges are by far the most important source of our funds, accounting for 67% of our income.We need an average of $1,575 from each family to reach our goal of $252,000 in pledge
income. We know some people give more and some can’t afford that much. We ask only that
you honestly ask yourself what you can afford to give and make that commitment. Pledging is
what guides our decision-making process on the vestry as far as the programs we offer and
how we keep our “home” in good working order.

The full version of this abridged letter, and the pledge card brochure was mailed to your home
this week. The mailing is also available at as a link here and at We,
your stewardship team, invite you to join us and prayerfully complete your card, place it in the
offering plate this Sunday or another Sunday, or mail it to the Stewardship Office at Church.

We, your Stewardship Team, thank you for supporting your Saint John’s family,

John Sorensen, Dottie Collman, Karen Donnelly, John Horan, Alex Stoops