Communion Wine Update

Long has been our fast from receiving Communion in “both kinds” (meaning both bread and wine) during the pandemic. Though our Bishop allowed parishes to offer Communion in both kinds this Spring, out of an abundance of caution, parish leadership decided it was best to wait to offer wine at St. John’s.

However, the Vestry and Rev. Jill feel confident and comfortable bringing back this sacrament by intinction only (dipping, not sipping). We will begin to offer the chalice of wine beginning this Sunday, August 7th.

Please note that we will follow these precautions as a way to keep everyone healthy:

  • 1. An usher will squirt hand sanitizer for parishioners as they come down the aisle for communion.
  • 2. We will use a shallower, wider chalice which allows folks to see where the wine is without having to stick their whole hand into a narrow chalice (often dipping fingers into the wine).
  • 3. We will not be sipping from the same cup. Wine will only be administered to by intinction (dipping).
  • 4. Parents are to be the “dippers” for their children.
  • 5. Chalicists won’t consume the remainder of the wine in the intinction chalice; the blessed sacrament will be disposed of reverently following the service.

Of course, a parishioner may always choose to not receive wine, continuing to receive the wafer alone. Communion in “one kind” (bread only) is, as always, considered full communion.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to a Vestry member or Rev. Jill.