Parish Hall Capital Campaign 2019 Year End Update

Most of you are aware that the Phase 2 portion of our Parish Hall Renovation Project was 90% completed this past year. The only remaining work to be done is the dish washing room and the painting of the new second floor attic and stairways which will be completed by a parish DIY project this Spring. At this point, for the completed work, we still owe the contractor $40,000. As of now our records show that there is approximately $9,000 in outstanding Capital Campaign pledges for 2019. Capital Campaign pledges for 2020 total approximately $43,000. This is good news in that if everyone pays their Capital Campaign pledges for 2019 and we get early pledge payment in 2020 we can pay off the contractor in the 1st quarter of 2020. We hope everyone takes this opportunity to keep their Capital Campaign pledges current. Thank you for the outstanding support of this project.

Paul Costello, Chairman