Brief Bible Study 2024

Our Sunday Morning Bible Study will resume on February 18 at 9:30!

In the fall, we read through Genesis chapters 1-23 which is the first half of Genesis. The book begins with the story of how God created the world and moves on to other foundational stories (like Noah). The focus then shifts to a particular man, Abraham, and his relationship with God, a relationship that continues through his son, Isaac.

This winter and spring, we will finish Genesis as the story continues with Isaac’s son, Jacob, and Jacob’s twelve sons.

If you missed our fall Bible Study, you can still join us! Start reading Genesis (check out this FREE Bible for your Kindle) and watch this excellent summary of the first half of Genesis by The Bible Project.

Designed so that parishioners can read their way through this foundational book at their own pace. Participants are encouraged to purchase a study guide such as Genesis: Interpretation Bible Commentary by Walter Brueggemann (available on Amazon and Kindle).

Date Read Focus Scripture
1/28/2024 Genesis 1-23 Watch: The Bible Project Genesis Pt 1 & Pt 2
2/4/2024 &2/11/2024 Genesis 1-23 Annual Meeting & Shrove Pancake Breakfast
2/18/2024 Genesis 24:1-25:18 Genesis 24:12-28 A wife for Isaac
2/25/2024 Genesis 25:19-28:9 Genesis 27:1-40 Jacob gets Isaac’s blessing
3/3/2024 Genesis 28:10- 30:43 Genesis 29:31-30:24 Jacob’s children
3/10/2024 Genesis 31-34 Genesis 32:23-32: Jacob wrestles with God
3/17/2024 Genesis 35-38 Genesis 37:12-36 Joseph sold into slavery
3/24/2024 &3/31/2024 Catch up in your reading! Palm Sunday andEaster!
4/7/2024 Genesis 39-41 Genesis 41:1-40 Joseph interprets Pharoah’s dream
4/14/2024 Genesis 42-45 Genesis 45:1-15 Joseph and his brothers
4/21/2024 Genesis 46-50 Genesis 48:8-22 Jacob blesses Joseph’s sons